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trick of fate
19.2.09 || 8:06:00 PM

wew. lots of things had been going on dis last few weeks.

i had amazing weeks with dat guy... oh, how i adore his eyes. lol
*silly me

but before i go to dat part, pls let me express my rage first.
yeaa guys. i'm feeling effingly mad at this one guy -
a different one than the one whose eyes i love, to be noted.

not to mention a specific person,
but that guy had confessed his love to me for the second time.
i told him no before, n i also told him no this time.

what had made me mad is...
how he told an so-called-untrue story about this "occasion".
idk, it's just he made me looked like a tricky-player-girl who had been toying wid his hopes and then left him aching on the edge of a lonely street.

oh come on, we both know the truth too DAMN well.

and now u dun even realise u'd made a mistake? man, where did u put ur heart?
im sorry for d harsh talk but i'm feeling extremely mad.
he even said such story to MY bestfriend.
dang... what more can i say??!!!!

he said i left him with no explanation RIGHT after he confessed his love to me d second time.
but hell, did i leave u?
yes i intended to; but i stayed there, didn't i??
though i told u before dis scene happenned,
how uncomfy i feel around u with u acting intended to be MORE than juz friends...
though i act harsh to imply how i give u no hope so dat u won't be hurt...
i stayed.

i still thought about ur feeling n now dis is what i get?
dang, right.

what are u trying to do now, huh?
do u really want me to look as such a tricky-player-girl?

u even told people i often texted u first.
when did dat happen??
it happenned ONLY before all dis tragedy happenned.
when we're still JUST FRIENDS - or so i thought.
but these days lately? have i texted u ONE msg first?

hell, NO.

i know better not to give u hope
bcuz i know how hurtful it would be.
dat happenned to me once or two!! and i dun want it to happen 2 u.
haven't i explained dis to u?

man, i have!!

n more than anger,
i feel extreme disappointment toward u.

i thought we can be just friends.

now im not so sure.

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