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Hiyaa there, everyone!
My name is Marsha, but people always call me Acha. Hence, my name is Lady A. *i know, i know.
I am currently 19, meaning I am enjoying my last year of ages '1-something'. I am a dreamy, random girl; a fusion between mature and childish who cannot stop thinking. I love a lot of things, now watch me rock my world *and probably yours as well.
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“i am riding marsha-go-round”
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thankies, dear (:
18.11.10 || 10:38:00 AM

thank you, thank you for reminding me why i said 'yes' in the first place.
thanks for assuring me - even if you didn't know that you were at the time.
thanks for all these six months and all the months before.
thanks. (:

cos we're right here, right now.
and we're together. (:

PS. it's about time i protect my own heart.

No One Can Hurt You
source :

No one can tear you down, unless you give them power over you to do so.

No one can hurt you, unless you let them.

No one can deflate you, without your permission.

No one can tell your truth, without your okay.

No one can make you angry, unless you give them that ability.

No one can define you, without your authority.

And likewise, no one can inspire you, inflate you, teach you, encourage you or motivate you unless you bestow upon them that power.

Doesn’t it sting, a bit, knowing that all the pain and all the suffering you ever caused yourself was self-inflicted? Of course, you’re causing that sting, too. Maybe you had to experience the pain and suffering to get to where you are today.

PPS. special thanks to davey wavey for his inspirational words above.

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15.11.10 || 1:51:00 AM

beterbangan di antara kata-kata yang kauhamburkan
di antara caci-caci yang kauselipkan
kehancuran yang kutinggalkan

di balik harapan yang kurampas
kekecewaanmu yang ganas
hatimu yang panas

setelah sekian lama,
kudapati kau masih merasakannya
aku tak tahu, sungguh tak tahu

ingin sekali aku bisa
dengan yakin berkata:
'maaf, aku salah'

atau bahkan - walau terkesan hati tak ada,
dengan pasti berkata:
'maaf, aku yakin tak salah'

tapi satu pertanyaanku,
bagaimana mendefinisikan benar-salah?

ketika pilihan itu diyakini benar,
dapatkah memilihnya malah menjadi salah?
karena aku yakin pilihanku tepat
hatiku yang bilang, ia takkan sesat

lalu satu lagi pertanyaanku
satu lagi, dan cukup satu saja...

...salahkukah sedari awal hingga pilihan itu bahkan dapat ada?

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what have i done
14.11.10 || 11:38:00 PM

what have i done?
have i ruined someone's life?

i think so. ):