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My name is Marsha, but people always call me Acha. Hence, my name is Lady A. *i know, i know.
I am currently 19, meaning I am enjoying my last year of ages '1-something'. I am a dreamy, random girl; a fusion between mature and childish who cannot stop thinking. I love a lot of things, now watch me rock my world *and probably yours as well.
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one outta three
27.3.10 || 5:57:00 PM

YAAAAYY! can you say "hallelujah"?
the national exam is FINALLY over! hhas (x
after all these months of preparation and determination, i and my fellow 12th graders finally managed to get thru it. :DD let's just hope it went well. we've done our best, and it's about time to let God do the rest. wish us the bestest of result, people!

the national exam was held for 5 days, lasting march 22nd - 26th with the following schedule:
mon : biology + indonesian
tue : english
wed : math
thurs : physics
fri : chem

well, i think i managed it best in bio and chem. kinda disappointed for math and physics, and almost certainly screwed up the indonesian. hhas let's just hope it's not ryte and i can get the best. *winkk

sadly, freedom isnt here yet to greet. i'll still have to work my ass during the upcoming three weeks, what with the lab tests, speaking and writing tests, and the school's final exams. sooo. your prayer is still needed here. hhas dont worry tho, i'll do better than my best cos i wont let my lurved ones, myself, and esp GOD down. you got my word here.

don't really have a story here. well to be exact, i DO have a story. hell, one hell of a story but i cant spill it here. nor anywhere. it's somethin only i know all the details and it starts dragging me to death. anyway. this is somethin i wrote in my cellphone before, just cos of a desperate need of throwin somethin out before my brain went into crash.

"i assume it will hit three days and more. *sigh. but it's probably better this way, back to the reality- back to how it's supposed to be. doesnt mean i'm not sad. in fact i DO feel miserable. but the past three and a half months had been those of the bestest time of my life. and.. i can choose to be pathetic cos it's finally over or i can rejoice for it happened. that's why.. i choose happiness, and more to it, gratitude. so, ******, thanks for colourin up my life and bring it into such a perspective i never thought i could have."

hhas yeaa, yeaa. it's the typical me. no matter what, you'll see me with a huge grin over my face. putting on a happy face. a mask? probably. it's just cos i dont want people to see me sad and gloomy. hell, i've always been the one listening to everyone's problems and i LURV it. totally. i dont wanna be the one who crashes and tells. hhas

eyy, btw, thanks for amanda and yosi for liking my poems yaa. hhas silly ones. my poems are always soo simple. really am not a poet material here. hhas but just as glad to know you guys appreciate it. : p will i get a chance to see yours??