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Hiyaa there, everyone!
My name is Marsha, but people always call me Acha. Hence, my name is Lady A. *i know, i know.
I am currently 19, meaning I am enjoying my last year of ages '1-something'. I am a dreamy, random girl; a fusion between mature and childish who cannot stop thinking. I love a lot of things, now watch me rock my world *and probably yours as well.
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“i am riding marsha-go-round”
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new year, new life
1.1.10 || 9:28:00 PM

here's a lil something to close the year 2009 :DD
once upon a time, there was a grand wedding. so grand, that all the guests caught breath. the couples were considered as the best couple in the world. everything was soo beautiful it felt almost like a dream. but then, something unexpected happened anyway. the bride accidentally tripped and fell on top of the wedding cake. long after the wedding party was over, people would remember that day. but - not the beauty or the grandness of it. instead, people remembered only the accident and forgot the rest of it: all the beautiful memories, the best couples in the world...

weird, isn't it? good things tend to be quickly buried and forgotten, being only an-everyday-stuff. whilst, bad things, even if it's just one little thing, tend to be the focus of all times. perhaps, that's all because we, people, tend to focus on negative things that happen to us. hopefully, as this year ends, we can cherish all the good memories, and learn from the bad ones. cherish every moment.. for the present time is a gift. it's a treasure. and it's up to us.. :))
goodbye 2009, welcome 2010..


now.. im gonna tidbit ya with my new year's eve celebration. lols
soo i had the celebration at church, with my youth fellows. i was the MC with mikey, my friend. also i was one of the committee - the one that went around making the rundowns, making sure the party was going well.. well, you get the picture. lols yeaa with dyah, yola and thomas. huge huge thanks for them. adrian was the head and taufan was the p.i.c. even bigger thanks to them. hhas and AAALL the fellow committee. lurv you guys! nice job. :DD

the party was a blast. i was afraid that it might be a NYE disaster but.. it didnt! yayy. the event started 45MINS too EARLY! and we were like "omygosh! what the hell we gonna do now?" "just go with the flow!" "hey MC, go up there and say anythin that'll prolong everythn!" "heck?!"

yeaa again, you get the idea. hhas but aaaaaaahhh mikey and i managed anyway to get in running on time in the timeline. fuuuuh!! u just wont know how thankful we were. hhas so we charged in a lil somethin that wasnt originally planned - a crazy games. clue? included a lotta kisses but not in the mouth! hhas and we got cencors too. dont worry. hhas

big thanks for those who have performed last nite and made the party a blast:
the bands : LACR. tadeo latte. XOT
the dancers: s'crew. greenjail - thanks guys! greenjail performed with only 5mins preparation! hhas you guys rawkk. really.
the rapper: taufan a.k.a. t-bone feat. yongky a.k.a. Y_Q

and all those i cant mention one by one. :DD huge huge thankss to yaaa. hope this new year brings us moreee blessings! and may God always bless us.

the pics should wait anyway. gotta wait for those photographers to upload it. hhas
smell ya later! :DD

*a lil mellow spot here..
i want to give my appreciation and would like to honor..
the late abdurrahman wahid (former president of indonesia)
the late frans seda (former minister of monetary)
the late The Rev (A7X drummer)
who passed away by the end of 2009. may God honor all the goods you created here on earth, and may all your works never be forgotten by the world.