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Hiyaa there, everyone!
My name is Marsha, but people always call me Acha. Hence, my name is Lady A. *i know, i know.
I am currently 19, meaning I am enjoying my last year of ages '1-something'. I am a dreamy, random girl; a fusion between mature and childish who cannot stop thinking. I love a lot of things, now watch me rock my world *and probably yours as well.
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tick tock 2009.2010
26.12.09 || 2:59:00 PM

tick tock.. tick tock..

wishing you:
may HIS blessings be poured unto us -
delivering us brand new and better to the new year.
Godbless all.. :))

a glimpse of my christmas - xmas carolling time:
chin - cha - beat - sisil - jessica - billy - cath

billy - taufan - cha - sisil - cath - chin - jessica - beat

can't tell you much for now. cus i gotta roooll! hhas see ya'!


christmas gifts
23.12.09 || 7:42:00 AM

well, hello there people! :D:D
xmas is coming but i've already got so many xmas gifts. from GOD. :))

first thing first..
i, thank God, had been accepted to international studies in parahyangan university, bandung! :D:D whoopeee! thru a special submittance program (PMDK) and thank-thank God, i got the scholarship. fuuuuhh.. :)) i would not be able to go thru all that without HIS help. thanks, thanks be to YOU, God..

there's another rather.. disappointing but at the same time relieving news. well, we'd just got our semestrial reports on the 21st. i've been asking God to at least let me be in the top 5. but i was, surely, full of doubt. i doubted that i'd even make it into the top 5. considering.. how much times i've been sick during the semester, how hectic my church and students' body are, and of course.. just how lazy ive got this year. but despite my incompetence, God managed - somehow - to work on me afterall. so yeah, this is my first experience ever to be outta the top 3, but at least.. i still got the top 5. i placed 4th this semester, how disappointing. lols but anyways. i'm thankful. i really am. :))

well, now it's holiday all the way. got a bunch on my way ryte now, like xmas carolling, xmas concert, and of course, the new year's eve celebration! lols just cant wait for xmas. such a special, special day.

talking about special day, anyone knows what day was yesterday? right! mother's day. :)) the perfect time for us to reflect on what our mothers have done and how WE have been treating her all this time. it was a special day for mom and me, especially since there are only the two of us now in the family. i pretended to forget the mother's day, not even giving her a kiss or a greeting. but then, after the whole day out on my cousin's house, i got her to the computer. i showed her the movie i made her. and there she watched it, cried a lil, and we hugged. awww hhas emotional. i know.

yesterday was also a special day for my dearest cousin, ben atta. his 15th bday! hhas i wish u aaaall the bestest, bro! :))

well, i'll show you guys the video i made for my mom sometimes. but now, i gotta hurry! the meeting for new year's eve celebration committe is waiting for meh. hhas ciao now!


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these late days
7.12.09 || 11:02:00 PM

soo! wuzzup you, hotties? lols im back with a hella story. where to begin?
well, why dont we begin it from the friggin final exam for this semester? lols yum, great appetizer indeed.

so, nov 30th - dec 4th, we the 12th graders were havin our semestrial exam. and to make it even worse, my body picked just the exact same time to get effinly sick. TYPHOID SYNDROME. FVK! i could barely study and i even skipped the first day. i couldnt get up from my bed. *sigh. smart move, cha. but thank God, in spite of my incompetent body and my incapability of studying all that time, i still managed to get thru it all... well, probably not brilliantly, but at least.. enuf, to get me outta hell. hhas but that doesnt include math. think i flunked that one. hhas just.. wish me the bestest of luck, people!

and talkin bout luck and wishes.. the announcement for unpar (parahyangan university) special submittance is coming! so.. wish me the bestest of luck, people! *wink

but despite it all, thank God for partayy this weekend! :D:D well, two actually. hosted by bigel and chrysan. but i was asked to help around and already promised to abigail. so.. said no to chrysan, and i came to abigail's. it took place on MU (manchester united) cafe in thamrin. the venue was like, soo cool. hhas lurv it. the foods? yum! delicioso. :D:D so thankies biggie, for inviting me. and, chrysan.. i'm terribly sorry! happy bday anyways.. :):)

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erika - mega - cha- nez - dini -agnes - mel

inez - tasia (only her hands appeared. hhes sorry) - cha -jules - ditta

csy - moi - nez - del

csy - nez - moi - jules - del

too crowded! lols but ure gonna find me on the left. :DD

fufufu. yeaaa that's all for now. :D:D hhe btw, will have a hang outttt and a possible photo session with my old pals, manda D.W., adel, ita, nana this weds. cant wait! :D:D toodley-o!