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22.11.09 || 9:30:00 PM

well, hello my dear ones. :D:D im back again.
how u doin guys?? not bored yet to read my stuffs, hopefully. lols
well, i'll just be quick tonite - since ive got plenty to do for tomorrow. but something had been disturbing me these few hours. it's again about.. justice. hha im not trying to be a judge or something. i kno way too well that im still far far away from good enuf. lols

anyways. did u hear the latest news of an old woman, brought to justice for intending to steal THREE cocoa fruits?? the court was about to sentence her six months in prison but then reduced it to 1.5 with 3 months trial. well, then i saw the lady. she was so thin and seemed so vulnerable. it broke my heart to see her trudge along the way to the studio where she was gonna be interviewed. and it broke my heart even worse when i heard the complete story.

she was working on the farm when she then decided to take those three fruits. she meant to use them as seeds for her own garden. i extremely can understand that - especially since my leadership training. the poors were merely treated well with just barely enuf salary - they got no choice and if they wanted to survive, they shud do anything it takes to keep living. it's just fact. but then her supervisor knew it. she had apologised and given the fruits back to the supervisor - who brought them who knows where. then a month after, she was called to the police office and not so long after, brought to justice.

why is it that this kinda problem - which we can call, well, small problem - cant be solved with just a well-mannered discussion (in indonesian term, cara kekeluargaan.. hhas) ?? why oh why, instead of that, it is the big ones that can be solved that way??

i heard the process was so quick - without too much "blablabla". then i started wondering. hell yeah. justice for the poors. and justification for the rich. HHA pure sarcasm. isnt it unfair, that a poor old lady - so easily brought to justice, nearly prisoned for six months in her late life, just because of THREE FRIGGIN COCOA FRUITS?? while those corruptors and court mafia can just throw the money and still live happily ever after. a justification - done by enuf money. ARGHH. think my head's gonna blow. i mean.. it just seems funny, dont u think??

in fairy tales, the poors and the oppressed shall live happily ever after in the end. guess that's why it's called tale and not real life. cus in real life, that just doesnt freakin happen.

or maybe - and hopefully, it doesnt happen just because it's not the end yet - but it someday will??

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symphony orchestra
20.11.09 || 8:58:00 PM

classical music. you guys lurv it?? :D:D
what a perfect coincidence!

santa ursula bsd proudly presents:

a perfect nite to cherish with your loved ones and romantic symphony on the background. only IDR 50,000! LOVELY! :D:D

pre-order ticket, contact:
acha - thru the chatbox. :D:D

muchos gracias!!


dancing around
17.11.09 || 9:40:00 PM

gaby - niken - vita - acha - indira - claudia

ila - gaby - acha

vita - acha - claudi

niken- acha - ila

curious..? hhas yep, thats moi - performing contemporary traditional dance in:
nikko hotel, thamrin
13.11.09 pk 19.30
yaski 40th anniversary (christian radio stations inc. heartline FM, etc.)
indira, niken, acha, gaby, claudia, vita

we got this job from mr.imam - our dance teacher back at school.
it was our first experience and it RAWK! hha
i also got a souvenir to bring home - a scar.
how come, u ask?? hhas here goes:
when we were doing GR on stage, i suddenly stepped on somethin.
well, yes i felt that "sumthin" pierced my left foot but i didnt really realise - for i was so into the dance. hhas then i began to feel the pain, and when i stole a quick look on it...
DAYUUUUMM. i had a nail on my left foot.
yes. a nail.
pierced. on my left foot.
hhas and all i managed to think about was "fvk."
but still my lame brain wasnt smart enuf that nite to really understand the pain. hhas i didnt even scream. i just realised bluntly that i had a nail on my feet and i HAD TO keep dancing. for the sake of profesionalism. hhas
so i continued dancing, tried to ignore the ever growing pain till i almost reached the end of the dance. and i just couldnt stand it any longer.
i limped to the edge of the stage where mr.imam had been waiting for me. he caught me - i was almost knocked down to my knees - and asked "what's goin on?"
i gave him a weak silly smile and said, "i had a nail on my foot."
he took a look on it and told me not to see it, and he pulled it outta me. hhas
OUCH. now that hurt. lols
then one of the backstage crew - this was the part that freaked me out the most - also got to me. he held my injured foot and massaged it a lil with - please note this - his dirty fingers from doing backstage work. he - i cant find more suitable word - squeeze my foot and made the blood flooded out. ARRRGGGGGH. i dont want an infection, thankies. but i didnt give any comment. i just sat there, giving my thankful look - hiding my fear of the infection. hhas
well then the shitty part was over. i bandaged the injured part of the foot, practiced walking and dancing a bit - just to make sure that i still could dance.

and voila! hhas thankies God, i could manage to perform the dance well with the girls. despite the pain that came right after i got off the stage. hhe the news of the girl that got a nail on her foot spread wide that nite. everywhere i went in that grand ballroom, people would ask me, "ahhh, aren't u the girl that got a nail on ur foot?" and i could only smiled. hhas

we also met a wedding organizer that asked for my number - in case she needed dancers. sooo. wish us luck people. we mightve got our next job before we kno it. hhe

toodles for now!

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15.11.09 || 8:50:00 PM

hhas will u guys please give me a warm welcome??? :D:D
yipppeee. welcome back to blogging world, me!
i have, like, tons to share. uberlife indeed!

first thing first.. about my leadership training program, took place on nov 4-7. lols
yeaaa like centuries ago but whateva!! take it or leave it. ;)
it was aaaawesome. a brand new and totally different experience than anythn ive ever had. we discussed about human rights like over and over again, so on as it grew deeper n more critical, n i'm literally shocked to see just how much injustice we can see in our daily lives!
so we watched a number of movies i'd like u to see, but too bad i cant show u any. the first - probably the most shocking one - is called the new rulers of the world. the rest of it?? well sorry, cant tell! it's like top secret, i suppose. lols

LARI 2009

the point is, from that program, i discovered much, much self-awareness. i mean, it's the more i realise that i need - we need - to do somethin more. in our world today, people wont even notice of somethin called deception - created by those superpowerful elites of the world. we probably have never even realised of how much time we spend individually, careless about the rest of the world. unaware of those, poorly in need, in africa or papua. unaware of those, poorly jobless, in america or jakarta. we've been way too much distracted with our self and our daily life.
pity, we dont even realise that so much of our rights, here in indonesia, have been "hijacked" by those very people. water, electricity, education, health, job... they're all supposed to be ours - the people - but in fact, they're not ours. does government help? well probably in the slightest bit, but it's still too faraway from what we shd expect them to provide us.
so, who are these elites of the world? well, look around and see, guys. i won't tell you. figure out yourself, won't you?? an open discussion will be warmly welcomed. :):)

and movin onn.. still related to my leadership training program.
the next day after LARI (my leadership team) got home from the training program, or to be precise on nov 08, the 21 members of LARI joined the demonstration to support the heads of indonesian corruption eradication commission. it took place at bundaran HI (near plaza indonesia) and it rawkk! it was our first time joining a demonstration and we've already attracted so much attention. lols people probably were curious to see our young faces, all in white-shirts that day.

the tionghoa youth community asked us to enter a discussion with them someday, kompas *a national newspaper* interviewed some of us, even the demonstration committee offered us a chance to be on stage! hhas too bad that they already reached the time limit so we didnt have the chance at last. but that's awkay! it was stilll rawwwkk!! :D:D
ooh! i almost forgot. we also met n had a chat with one of the stars of republik mimpi *a politic parody on one of the private tv stations*. his name was effendi gazali, and he offered us to come and see the premiere of republik mimpi!! hha hope it all would come truue!!

movin on and onn.. to yesterday! lols
yesterday, my girls (cissy, inez, jessi, desi - too bad adel couldn make it) and i had a girls nite out to grand indonesia, thamrin, jakarta. woohoo.. yes, yes a blast indeed. it was hawt. :D:D
but somethin bad happenned on our way home. when jessi n inez (both were seated on the very rear side of the car) were taking photos of each other, inez caught a picture of jessi alone with a shape of a face beside her! *gosh, i had a shiver even now when im writin it.
everyone was screamin and i tried to maintain calm. gargh. u kno how chicken i am n it was like so hard for me to do. but i kno my girls, esp jessi desi cissy, they would definitely freak out. so i tried to keep calm, i suggest them to take a deep breath, just pray silently, try to think of somethin else, and i asked for the cam-d. i asked for their permission to erase the pic *for as far as i kno, if u saved a ghost pic in, it'll follow u or bring u bad luck.
the rest of the way home?? we calm ourselves by singing praise&worship songs and do a lil karaoke after that. lols it was effin scary! but it definitely completed the night, a nite to remember in our senior yirr!! :D:D *pics later.

ciao for now. starving like hell.
toodles! :):):)

*i'll tell u later bout my dance performance, nov 13 at nikko hotel, thamrin, jakarta.

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