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25.10.09 || 8:17:00 PM

wiii.. hey again, folks! :D:D
lots, and i mean LOTS, have been goin on. lols

firstly, let me proudly state thaaaaat::
FOSIL is officially DONE!! with quite a huge success *biggrin :D:D
detail: pls visit

i totally lurv fosil and am soo proud of it.
not just because of my effort, but especially cus the effort of ALL the committee.
congrats for komang, the captain of this marvelous team..
congrats for adelein, the one that got us a HEAP of money from sponsors. lols
congrats to us all, osis sma st. ursula BSD!! :D:D
and thx for all ur participation.
i remember dreaming of fosil when we first concocted it in our leadership training on februari 09. but i never really thought that it would be this GREAT! :D:D
no regret that i've been sick or exhausted preparing this with all the team. it's all worth it.

everyone was so crazy about barry likumahuwa project *thanks for your special performing guys, u RAWWKK.
and also greenjail and sanggar anak akar orchestra *u ARE amazing.
everyone also loves the jacket potato *gudluck on ur first album! :D:D
so BIG, BIG, BIG thankkkkkkks to you all.
thanks for everyone involved! :D:D

and noww, move on to the next subject which is...
my first job ever. hha

1. being an MC at my friend's 17th blastday (ferenly ramaputri - 24.10.09 @nelayan resto)
i MCed *is there such form?? lols whateva* with my friend erick, an expert in MC field. lols and thank God, it went well. we completed each other nicely! yeaaaa. :D:D so thanks, feren, for givin me such great opportunity. lols and hippsy blastday, dear!!

2. being a wedding singer at my mom's boss' daughter's engagement *phew. lols
i sang "sunday morning" by maroon five and thank God, no one fainted when they heard me singin. lols the audience said my singing was great and im like, sooo relieved. ;);) that song's definitely one of my faves. well, who isnt?? a great, great number from maroon5. jazz with a lil sweet touch of rock. N-I-C-E. :D:D

well, that's all for today, people.. hope ur days were just as great. :D:D
signin off!

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adam g. sevani
20.10.09 || 11:19:00 PM

ADAM G. SEVANI -- friggin rocks! x)


mixed up mashed up
|| 8:24:00 PM

wish u aaaall d bestest my dearie ones.. Godbless always.

well, it's been a while. lols and let me just say..
HAPPY TO HAVE FOSIL GOING ON! :D:D still, wish us the bestest luck, people..

thenn. a lil to spill.
i just had another breakdown monday. outta nowhere, i had a vertigo!
come on. for god's sake. where d hell it all comes?? ive never had any record on vertigo before. arghh. hate it. *blame it on gavin, since he's my foster bro with just the same disease. infecting me..? it's possible. lols

i mean, it caused me to stay home all those hours and nearly made me MISSED FOSIL! gosh. thank god, i could gather my will and it suffices to get my ass to school. got thru the last period *read:physics, and joined the opening ceremony. *even if from the sickbed. lols

literally, with that vertigo going on, i could barely stand up on my toes! dang. my vision was blurred, everything around me just keep spinnin round n round n roundd.. so gavin wasnt exaggerating afterall. :D:D lols

yes. so the true reason i wasnt at school, monday 1st-7th period, is... not bcus i had to deal with fosil stuffs, but bcus i asked mdm.eri *the principal* to let me skip some periods till i got better. and even till the last second, i didnt get any better. but i forced my ass to get up and get to school. I WON'T MISS MY DEARIE BABY, FOSIL! i wont miss it for the whole world. >.< i mean, ive spent almost my entire life in these last months for fosil. vertigo shouldnt be able to keep me away from it, dammit. ;)

and ow. u might ask why i told lie, and why i didnt just admit that id been sick.
well *thank God only very few read this blog* i dont really like people to know that im sick. it's easier for me to pretend that im fine and just fine. cus then, people wont have to worry about me. i can do the works im eager to do. i can be just a normal teenager.

pathetic? hemm. i tried not to be. lols

okay, i actually have this whole crap i wanna talk about. like this one philosophy i'd like u guys to know, and my opinion for sby-boediono *since they'd just been inaugurated inodnesian president+vice president for 2009-14 period.

but sadly, they all gotta wait. lols i could barely form a correct sentence ryte now. shd wait till my head gets in place. :D:D

can i ask u guys to pray for me..? i dun wanna be the "sick-girl". i just wanna be me. the strong lively happy playful acha. :):):)

thank u a bunch!


something to think
4.10.09 || 4:45:00 PM

today, well to be precise, just now.. ive got a bunch to think about.
so much that i dont even kno where to begin.

but let's start with the very first.
eathquakes in indonesia.
tasikmalaya - west java, padang - west sumatera, jambi - sumatera, manokwari - papua.
i could only say, im really sorry for all the victims. i can say that i know how they all feel, but it would be such a bullsh*t. no, i dunno how the hell it feels for i have never been in their shoes. and to be honest, no matter how selfish, i actually pray to God not to be in their shoes.
but this tragedy reminds me of how fragile humans are. how insignificant we are to this earth, how nature can squeeze and crush us in no time. while we keep being ignorant, aphatist, and insisting on controlling our mother earth. but the fact is, we cant. if nature decides to shake and crack, what on earth could we do? except praying and do our best to survive, to preserve our existence.
life is short and future is unpredictable. well, we can hypothetize and theoretize. and we actually know what might happen if we still insist on doing what we've been doing for centuries - which is destroying our own habitat.
but gosh, we can be so blind and stubborn! it's a tough fight, to resist our nature to dominate and control. to master the earth and the nature. it's a tough fight, to stop our old habit.
i myself often lose the fight. but i've decided not to quit.
earthquakes, you can say, is not the matter of human's act. it's just.. natural. we dont move the plates and cause the earthquake, right? well, maybe you're ryte. but here it is. do you think it can be a signal to remind us, that we're nothing without nature? and above all, without God?
do you think we can finally survive? once again, deal with the nature and be friends? create the peace we all succumb to fight for? preserve this earth for our future generation?
the answer is in our very hands, and apparently, especially in the hands of my very own generation.

and then, i read this blog of a junior.
a must-visit. really masculin, with a nice sense of humor, and the most important: stuffed with this whole heaps of matters to think about. simple but important daily questions we all ask to ourselves.
most of the posts get me thinking about life. the reasons and purpose why i'm still alive up to this very moment. the heavenly plan, God's plan for me.
i dont really know. all i want is to do something good for the world. for my family and friends. for all my beloved ones. for myself, and especially for God.
but it's especially his posts on sept6th and 13th that get me thinkin. he's a junior and he's already thinking about his future. he already realises the needs to grow up, to let go of the delusion and comfort of being a child. that the earth keeps spinnin, the time keeps runnin, and you should get on it before you get left behind. that you should make the most of your every breath and be thankful to God.
yes, i've thought about my future. i realise the needs to grow up and focus on my future. but i still dont take the full responsibility, i think. i mean, i know what major i wanna take for college. i know what career i wanna pursue. but.. i think i'm not 100% sure. it all still feels like a dream for me, like it's not real.
but HELL-O, missy. wake up. it's real. R-E-A-L. so get ur ass up and work it out, girl!
i will make the best of my senior year. i will work hard and never quit. i will do my tasks. i will walk the long and rocky path for i believe that the end is worth every second of my perseverance.
i will fight! i can do it! yeaaa! i can rise and shine!! and you all can do it too!! yeaaa!!
open up the jack daniel and have a toast. a toast for this life! celebrate every second and take God with you along the journey. and everything will be just fine!! yea!!
*a lil bit too much, don'cha think?? lols honestly, i kinda get fired up.
so thanks joshua, though u probably dunno, but ur blog has burned my spirit once again! :D:D

and last. this one's a bad news.
comes from one of my besties, a sad story.
a story of how one can do things, extreme things, because of general stereotype.
a story of how one want to change herself so bad, how one cant love herself.
all because this shit called stereotyping:
skinny = beautiful. beautiful = skinny.
fat people suck. students with lots of bad score are actually useless.

HELL. how i wanna throw those who make those stereotypes to a pond of sharks!
i mean, it'll be beautiful if that makes my bestie, and whole other people that are just so insecure bout theirselves because of it, wanna change in ryte n good way.
oops, but nope. it's way too simple. she needs to change in an instant stupid way. way that will get her sick, really sick.
and i'm honestly frustrated! i mean, what the hell can i do?? how can i change her perspective, her WRONG judgment on herself??
it made me feel useless as a bestfriend. i'm out of ideas. i've tried all the methods. i've tried the slow and gentle approach, a harsh speech..
and finally, i just gave her all my opinions. that we are all beautiful in our own ways, we all can shine. it all matters to what we think, not what THEY think. and this situation is just perfect to classify those who are her true friends from those who are not, those who truly lurv her the way she is and those who dont.
then i left her to think it over. i could only say, 'ive given u my thoughts. and now ure a grown up. i believe u know the right decision. ur heart does. i believe u'll make the right decision. i believe in you. i love you.'
i can only hope that actually makes her realise the truth.

honey, i lurv u! u ARE beautiful.

please, guys. pray with me.
for the victims of natural disasters all around the world.
for the victims of wars.
for the victims of corruption, injustice, stereotyping.
and for my bestie.

please..? i'll thank u my whole life..
Godbless ya people. hope this can get u thinking.
hope this can help u make the right choice.
signing off.. :):)

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