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marching with legio
27.9.09 || 8:24:00 PM

hey people! :D:D back again.
and as i promised u guys, i brought u a bit more story. lol

yesterday i went to bandar djakarta alam sutera. a nice nice seafood restaurant, indeed. i went there with my friends from legio mariae junior n we had so muchh fun. i just cant write it down. *tell u later why.

moi and chinchin

moi and chinchin, in front of the harvest -
fyi, their opera cake is TO DIE for. lol

mary *my foster cutie lil sista* and moi -
you see the bowl in front of her?? it has a nasty mixture of ice cream, chilli, iced tea and ketchup in it. one word. EWW. lol

mary *my foster cutie lil sista* and moi

the whole recis family :D:D

and now.. i'll tell u why i just dont feel like doin any writin now. *sigh
im just feeling terrible. i swore to myself that it doesnt mean anythin to me, that i dont care like, hell-with-it. but i dunno. it keeps bugging me to death. it annoys me. i cant tell u "the thing" tho.. ARGH. i dont care. i dont care. he can go the hell with it. ARGH, ARGH ARGH ARGH. ARGH.


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life is a circus
26.9.09 || 5:27:00 PM

so folks, signing in again! lol
and i'm proud to say that most of my holiday tasks HAVE been done. whoopeee! *applauding :D:D

whilst.. of course, i still spend most of this holiday by spinnin' around in town. ;)
25.09.09 was a big day, i went with my mom and childhood nanny to.... *for the first time in my whole 17-years life* a CIRCUS! :D:D an oriental circus, to be precise. it was awesome, really. located in greencove, bsd city - but in a limited time only. just till oct 14th. so guyssss. i suggest u to see it! :D:D

they have elephants, tigers, amazing acrobatic stuffs and clowns... they have poodles, chimpanzee, exotic birds.. well i hope i dont miss any. lol yea but you get the idea. and since a picture worth a thousand words, i'll just show you the pics i took there. but please forgive my lame camera. i used my cellphone and the camera sucked. lol

the main gate

the elephant

the flame attraction

the amazingly flexible girl - in the picture, she's holding 6 chandeliers (on her feet, hands, mouth and forehead)
while doing that... kinda thing. u know, flippin her body. lol
i dunno what it's called. but it's AMAZING.

the childhood nanny and me

the mother and me

the chimpanzee

the tiger -
climbing a pole to get fresh meat, yumm

12 people riding A bike - ONE bike

one of the clowns *dwarf-man* and moi

one of the acrobatic girls and moi

will be back with more stories! :D:D ciao, people!

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more on holiday
23.9.09 || 7:12:00 PM

hiiyaa there, people! :D:D

first, let me just congrats u, my folks, who celebrate eid ul-Fitr.. happy eid mubarak! i hope we can all be better brand new people, yea?? :D:D

now, im back with more on my holiday - and less on the task. lols yeaa. deal with it. im slackin all my holiday task. the reading list, the computer homework.. but hell. i still got friday. lols

soo. last saturday i had a girls-day-out with my mom to PIM n teko. i watched g-force at blitz and it was damn funny. lols a must-see, people!! it's probably typical but it's quite entertaining. soo.. still A-list. :D:D

and todaaaay. oh gosh. i set my foot at Grand Indonesia (GI) for the first time. lol tacky, i kno. but forgive me for living faraway from it with no driver! ;) went there with my foster sista, k dian. just the two of us. what a nice date. lols n we had fun! along with a pile of photos too.

fyi, for u who havent gone to GI - locals or foreigners, well.. u shd, guys! definitely. it's amazingly decorated. it has, like, districts that have different interior each. hemm. u can find japanese district, chinese, persian, new york.. and there's a singing fountain too! it's awesome. coolness, people! :D:D it has fab fashion districts and restos, but unfortunately i didnt have my lunch there. i had it in sushitei plaza indonesia - also recommended. lol

shot some pics at GI. wanna see?? :D:D

till the next post! :D:D Godbless ya people..

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it's officially H-O-L-I-D-A-Y!
18.9.09 || 8:53:00 PM

yay!! it's officially H-O-L-I-D-A-Y, babyy! whoohooo! lol

i've had a lot goin on these past few weeks, but unfortunately, i just got no time to post it. teehee. well, first of all, let me just say "happy idul fitri" for those celebrating it. i apologise for all the bad i've done, intentional or unintentional. :):):) may we be a bunch of whole new better people. alryte? ;D

and nooow. off to my coverage. :D:D
aug 29th - sept 4th i went on a live-in. ya know, it's like a program that lets people live a country life, as an inhabitant. *read: a life-like model of harvestmoon. lol

anyways. it was a program from my skul n it took place in mount kidul - yogyakarta. i myself was placed in a village named logantung, which was - thank goodness - not as bad as the other villlages. i mean, it at least has enough water. :D:D

the family i lived in was GREATT. i lurv them. i lurv them as if i'd known them all my life. the mother (mrs.rubiyah), well it felt like she was my own mother. while the father (mr.sunardi) worked very hard and thus wasnt around home for much. but still, when he was home, he would show great, great care to us (i got stefani as my roommate). there, i had additional three siblings. one big bro (mas koko), one big sista (mbak tuti), and one baby bro (aris) *well he's actually 4thgrader.

the father *from now on will be referred as MY father* works as a school gamekeeper. he also works at the construction.. basically, anything he can do to boost up his family. he also has this land filled with tobacco, corns, and stuffs.. but still, their lives aint nowhere near "grand".

but they were just so sweet. they might not have a glamorous life and stuffs but they definitely have a life. a great one, if i may say so. they were all tough, grateful, religious, caring.. they valued life a big time and lived it to the very most. they taught me, like heaps of things. they gave me love and i really, really, really lurv them. *gosh i can even start cryin.

i won't forget the nights we spent together, laying on in front of the house, staring at the night sky, laughing... i won't forget the day we played fireworks together, seeked for coconuts, joking by the bonfire..

ya shd know, i cried like a baby when i had to leave them. i didnt stop even when we'd reached like half the way to the church of kelor. lol yeaa i know i know. baby. but what else could i do, ryte?? *err probably try to act mature? teehee. i would, i promise ya. later. nyehehe

and that's the story of my live-in program. :):):) *sighs

after live-in, i took a day off school to go to surabaya for a famster occation. i'd better not post it exactly here, cus it will cause me some trouble. lols

oow!~ btw. may i just announce that the youth mass themed "up-time" in my church had been succesfully held. *hoorraaay! and FOSIL is still on progress. just wish us luck, peop! :D:D come onnnn, join up y'all... i beg you. lol we'll have blp. *wink

eits. though i forgot something. :D:D somethin that had made my day - or i shd say my week. lol ya know, this week has been like a total hell on earth. 8, and let me point out, E-I-G-H-T, tests! come on. that's gotta be a joke, ryte? but thank goodness they're all OVER. *yay me! lol

wait. back again to the "somethin that had made my week". yea. so this something had practically given me the strength i needed to get from one day to another this week. everytime i wanted to blow my own head with a gun, i just needed to think of that somethin, n i felt energized once more! x) magical, ryte?? i literally counted the days till i get to see that somethin again, but unfortunately, i wont be seeing it this week. lol

well, c'est la vie. we cant get anything we want. otherwise, there won't be any war, ryte? lol

anyways. i'll finally set my foot upon pim after all these weeks! whoopee! :D:D i could smell it.. yumm. *or yuck? lol overreacting, sorry.* and hopefully, GI too - next week with my foster sista, k dian. gvn did beg at one point to come along but im not sure if he's even coming afterall. lol

and here... are some pics from these past few weeks.

anyways. you'll be hearing again from me. soon enough - cus this is H-O-L-I-D-A-Y afterall. toodles! :D:D