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20.7.09 || 12:12:00 AM

okaii. a lil late on dis one topic but still..
i'd like to say a few words about the latest terror in jakarta.
yep. my dearly beloved capital.

first of all..
may all the victims rest in peace..
and for those with injuries, i hope they all will recover soon. :)
another and - for the families left, may you all find your strength in God.
this terror probably could teach us something. that awareness should always be arrised, especially in crucial time like then - a team as big as MU coming down to jakarta.

there have been so many speculations about the background of this attack. some say that it was the job of pro-jihad, some say it's election-related, and some say - playing on the safe side, probably - that we shouldn't speculate and had better wait for the official press release.

no matter what, we shouldn't let this be a trigger for even more hatred. i plea you guys, don't just stereotype and have prejudice upon one another. :):) in the meantime, we should even be closer and support one another. don't let this terror triggers even more terror - disunion,, mistrust, and probably chaos.

HEAL THE WORLD. we are all brothers and sisters. :):)

annndd, off to the next topic.
wow. these late days have been the CRAZIEST, WILDEST ones. lol things keep mounting on my agenda, starting from parties, hangin out with friends, my student body works, church thingies, sanurian open hosue.. FIUH. i'd be so glad when it's all over. lol well, not that glad, cus i like to keep myself busy *it makes me feel alive. well, dont u?? nyehehe* but maybe a lil bit relieved. :D:D:D

btw, i just realised that i'm just the most silly-clumsy-kinda-girl-when-gets-near-someone-she-likes-so-muchos. yea, i am! lol it occured to me these first days of school. you know the era when i was so into a guy called pmpek? well.. i always seemed to be nervous around him back then. but now, when i finally had let him go, i could chat and laugh and joke with him so damn easily! nyahaha garghh. this is soo unfair. and stupid. but that's me. >u< anyone knows how to cure that stupid disease of mine?? lol eh btw, do u guys still remember this one song?? it's from HSM 1 and it keeps bugging my head for days. lol i'll include the lyrics here - just to channel it out. nyehehe it's funny when you find yourself looking from the outside i'm standing here but all i want is to be over there why did i let myself believe that miracles could happen..? cus now i have to pretend that i don't really care..

i thought u were my fairy tale
the dream when i'm not sleeping
a wish upon a star that's coming true
but everybody else could tell
that i confused my feeling with the truth
when there was me and you

i swore i knew the melody
that i heard you singing
and when you smiled
you made me feel like i could sing along..
but then you went and changed the words
now my heart is empty
i'm only left with used-to-be's and once upon a song

now i know ure not a fairytale
and dreams were meant for sleeping
and wishes on a star just don't come true
cus now even i can tell

that i confused my feeling
with the truth
because i liked the view when there was me and you..

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stupidity part 02
18.7.09 || 12:30:00 AM

do you mind if i just made up a lil bit..?

let's have it then.
i take back my words, my last post. :):):)

i shouldn't have said it, i shouldn't even have felt that way.

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stupidity :)
17.7.09 || 11:52:00 PM

well, well.. not much to say. :]
*after all this time?? yyea pathetic. but just cut it out, shall we? lol

i'll shoot it. nice and quick.
okay.. here we gooo.
i think i can finally admit that..

i've maddeningly fallen for my stupid cow.

shoot. did i just say that?? bollocks! lol but hell, that feels good..
i just thought that right this afternoon when out of nowhere, i smiled.
i tried to recollect what on earth'd striked my smile..
and grinned as i realised that it was the memory of him.
yes! it was the memory of him that striked my smile. :D:D:D

the memory of him dancing with me, with his stupid-jinxed moves. lololol
the memory of him holding my hands and leading my way thru the crowd.
the memory of him messin around with my hair, poking my waist with his fingers, cradling me up in his huge arms..

i know there'll be ups and downs -as there has always been
i know there'll be a great piles of blushings, groggy-giggles, and maybe even one hell of disappointment. but at least i can stop pretending to myself. i can stop denying. :D and that feeeeeels effin great!

err~ i'm saying this not to widely declare that i'm after him.
im just saying.. i think i've fallen for him and won't tell lies to my very face anymore.
i'll face it. buuuuuuuut.. i'll be a secret whisperer of lurvvv. nyahahaaha how does that sound?? ewwy, isn't it? well, i'm just saying.. i'll lurv him secretly. ;)

don't tell a thing though! ssshh..
and don't ask either. ehehe

buenos noches!! :):):)

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15.7.09 || 10:24:00 PM

he was there

i talk to my palm and remind her,
he was there..
he once left his fingertips on you while holding my hand
and leading me through the crowd

i talk to my shoulders and remind them,
he was there..
he once held you tight as if you're the most important thing on earth

i talk to my hair and remind it all,
he was there..
he once played with you all as he joked and teased me

i talk to my feet and remind them,
he was there..
his big foot once stepped on you just to make me laugh

i talk to my ears and remind both,
he was there..
his voice -not just once- went through you two
as he sang me our favorite song and light my day up

i talk to my waist and remind it,
he was there..
lucky you! he likes to stick his finger on you to make me giggle

i talk to my mind and remind it,
he was there..
wait. isn't he ALWAYS there?

i talk to my heart and remind it,
he was there..
he is there..
he will always be there..

poor you.

inspired by: my dearie jean :] be tough darla..

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the perfect guy
7.7.09 || 11:00:00 PM

the perfect guy part 02

he leads you to ball dance, lets you step on his feet. *even if he cringes a lil. :]
he will take you home safely, no matter what.
he will never ever make you drunk. :]
he will never EVER suggest sex.
he lurvs your family. even your pet! lol
he gets well with your friends and appreciates them all.
he takes you seriously, especially in times you need it most.
he will forgive your fault with a smile.
he brings out the best in you. :]

and do you ever think of this one?
this one is *i think* the most important one:

a perfect guy is...

a guy that is imperfect
but he can make you feel just perfect whenever you're with him. :]

goodluck on finding your perfect guy! ^^
remember this quote:
"no matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing,
the dreams that you wish will come true."


the perfect guy
4.7.09 || 10:14:00 PM

the perfect guy

he knows your good and bad side, and still lurvs you no matter what.
he probably doesn't know it all, but he wants and he LURVS to learn more about you.
he smiles out of nowhere, just because he feels like it whenever he's with you.
you can have the most horrifying face on earth yet he still thinks that sun shines only for you.
he actually doesn't care about your pimples, he just adores your dimples. :]
when he closes his eyes, he can remember your face perfectly and tell it precisely.
he doesn't mind to remind you over and over again.
he knows when to shut his mouth up, especially when that "monthly-guest" comes.
he laughs with you, lends his ears and shoulder for you, hugs you tight.
he isn't weepy, but he can sometimes cry.. probably because of you.
he fights with you in a healthy dosage. geez, honestly, who's not bored with all the never-ending lovey-dovey situation?? :]
... but he's never ashamed to apologise first when it IS his fault.
he takes care of you when you're sick, even when he has to stay up all night.
he fights over what-movies-to-watch with you but finally joins you with the romantic comedy. :]
he calls you at once when you text him that you need it much.
he sings for you, his beautiful voice will melt your heart - or even if his voice is terrible and shaky, he's still able to make you smile.

that's all i can think of for now. lol much will come soon. any more ideas, peop??


just think about me
|| 9:40:00 PM

hiiyaa there guys! lol
sorry for being a bad blogger. too much goin on. ehehe

okaii. i've been thinking much of death lately.

at first, i'm afraid of it.
i know that i've done too many sins n havent done enough to wipe it.

but more after,
i'm not so afraid. especially after i joined kep in my church.
i realise dat i still have TOO many sins. but i have been much more sure about Jesus.
these days i've been feeling much closer to HIM.
and it intrigues me, how does it feel to die and be in His lap?
will i have more peace than here on earth? *definitely. lol
will i be relieved?
will every question be answered?
will every worry be gone?
will He love me, hug me and never let me go?
and i can only imagine how warm it will be..
how nice and peaceful.. all d world be forgotten..
when i'm there on His lap.

but even more after,
i realise i still haven't done any significant good on earth.
i haven't lived my dream to be an international activist.
i haven't lived my dream to be the one who spreads His love..
i still haven't got enough "ransum" to travel to next life. lol

but anyway, i guess, d best thing i can ask Him is to hold me and strengthen me.
no matter what, i know He'll be there.
a nice picture indeed.. :]
it convinces me to keep living, the good way for sure, for He'll be there waiting for me..
His arms wide open..
His lips open up in a huge, proud smile..
and i'll know i've done something good with my life. ^^

yeaa. dont mind me. just a random note. lol
it's just.. sometimes i'm too stressed up with my life n misses God. :]

anyways. off to the next topic....... lol
L-O-V-E. hahah yeaa i always lurv a nice lurv story n i got a nice one from my sista, ajeph. there was a dialogue between her n her ASAP-hunny-gonna-be *hwe2* that i TOTALLY adore. here goes:

so there was a guy, kept annoying my sista. my sista told him to cut it out, but it offended d guy *dang. my sista felt guilty n told her ASAP-hunny-gonna-be...

ajeph: huaaa help me to forget him...
hunny: just think about me.

gargh! somehow it just felt sooo sweet to me. hixz. >.<
i want one! hahah *stupido.

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