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dumb in lurv
29.4.09 || 12:50:00 PM

dumb in lurv :)
do you know, who is the most appreciative girl on earth??
one in lurv is...
she cherishes every memory made,
even the stupidest, the most non-important ones...
she treasures every second, especially
those spent with the loved one...
she lingers on the thought of thee,
flying upon his fragrance...
even one small word of greetings
set her smiling all day long...
she holds everyone dear,
she sees everyone's light clearer...

and how do i know that?
well, that's what happenned to me this morning. lol

thanks for making my day sooo beautiful, pmpek.. x)
gudluck with the exams now.

songs of the day:
* if everyday was as good as today was,
then i can't wait till tomorrow comes...

* Kuingin menunjukkan cintaku oh kepada belahan jiwaku
telah lama kumenanti waktu untuk mengungkapkan isi hatiku
jangan kau berdiam dan menunggu
cinta yang datang menghampirimu
jika kau hanya berdiam diri hanya rasa sesal yang akan kau rasakan nanti
berlarilah sekuat kau mampu hingga kau dapatkan cintaku
buktikan bila kau memang mau buatku berikan cinta ini kepadamu
tunjukkanlah rasa cintamu
coba buat mereka tahu
betapa indahnya dunia bila engkau sedang jatuh cinta

* i know everything changes,
all the cities and faces,
but I know how I feel about you,
there's a mountain between us,
but there's one thing im sure of,
that I know how I feel about you

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27.4.09 || 12:10:00 AM


pls, head, stop bugging me to death.

i really do NOT care. T.T


the tale of pmun
24.4.09 || 5:49:00 PM

the tale of pmun 2009

lol even when i write that down, i feel a sudden burst of missing feeling. :) i miss pmun so bad! lol it graced us such an unforgettable memoir. lol *lebay

anyways. though i know this has been horridiously L-A-T-E, i'm still gonna post my story in pmun - parahyangan model united nations 2009; which is a simulation of the UN (united nations/PBB) general assembly. it was held by the international relation major of unpar and it rocked!! x) the theme for this year was "The 63rd Session of United Nations General Assembly: Implementing Local and Global Policies in the Fight Against Drug Trafficking".

day 01 (march 30)
i went there with my team from sanur bsd high: ika (a.k.a. ms.exotic/marimar lol) and shita, and also our chaperone, mrs.cicil. we departed from school at like 06.00 to hotel naripan bandung, where we all would be stayin. that was why we arrived early. fyi, i was having an effin cold. that means, i could hardly stop sneezing, coughing, and cleaning my nose. *sigh

first day was only like, ya know, the orientation day. we played some ice-breaking games, we were being introduced to one another, we got explanation from the committee and the representation of the department of international affairs... it was cool.

ooh, and i forgot to tell ya about our L.O.s! sanur high, luckily, got two beautiful and amazingly kind+outgoing L.O. they are nike and stevie. :) the amazing thing about pmun was we hardly felt any gap between the committee and the participants. it helped creating a nice atmosphere for everybody. x)

i was assigned room 402 with a girl named anka. she was from st.angela high bandung (our ursuline sister! lol) and she was... outgoing, cute, nice.. lol nahhh, now i miss her. >.<
my teammates and i slept late this night. we prepared hard for the assembly the next day. yeaa, we would play as the delegates of canada. oowww. x) exciting!!

day 02 (march 31)
the BIG day. yep. this was a super serious day. all participants should be dressed in three-pieces outfit: shirt, blaze, and pants (for guys) or skirts (for girls). i was suited in a white shirt, black blazer with white stripes (credit: mara lol) and a knee-length black tight skirts. :) i looked like a business-woman! lol

ow. i forgot. i also wore my mom's high heels - which should be stuffed so that it fit me. and it HURT so much. but thanks to piles of seventeenth bday bashes i went to - all wearing painful high heels, i got sooo used to it. lol i could ignore the pain. but in the contrary, shita and ika had hard time adjusting with those painful heels. lol be tought, darls. :)

theeen. we went to KAA (asia-africa conference) building by foot. lol i should remain holding shita along the way so that she won't trip. :) it was fun and crazy. a bunch of teenagers in formal outfits - strolling along the way of bandung. how cool is that, eh?? x)

when we arrived at the building, we had photo session and we were all seated in a superb, authentic room that was used in KAA. we even sat in the old chairs - used for the KAA, for crying out lou! x) i was sooo excited - yet troubled by the killing cold i was having. lol

the assembly was divided into two sessions - the first one was to discuss the problems of illegal drugs trafficking, and the second one was to discuss the solutions. the assembly went hot for several times and it was soooo exciting. lol it got me fired up to think of the right statement and replies. it rocked - totally.

then the day was closed with a tour around the KAA museum and dinner with all participants and committe at Ayam Kremes resto. :)

day 03 (april 01)
sweet momma. this was the day where we had a chance to go to unpar and explored the international relation building. we were given a short talk show about international relation major and it triggered the old desire in me. the one that longed to go into the international relation major - but died because of my dislike of politic. but it was clear then that international relation isn't all about politic. we can also have the chance to work for non-governmental organizations or non-political organizations, which suit me - for i totally lurv the social work. >.<>
*wish me luck on this, u guys. x)

also, this was also the day where the awards would be given to participants and committees. first, ika got an award for the most popular participant. whoopee! she did catch everyone's heart since the beginning. everyone talked to me of how beaauuuutiful she was with her unique, sexy, wavy hair. :) way to go, marimar!! lol i felt much more closer to ika and shita after this trip. it was fun to have a bunch of new friends.. >.<

and.. the most surprising thing of the day was... somehow, i got the award for the best-spokesperson. that was an award for individual, who has performed a great performa in the assembly. it was judged for one's appearance, activity, and wheter one's statements were relevant+logical or not. i was having a cold, for God's sake. but they said, i performed a good-to-hear english and statements. and i was able to remain calm even when the assembly got hot and fierce. lol i could just stand in there, open-mouthed, not believing.. lol it was reallly a miracle God had performed to me. >.<>

i got a superb trophy, 4GB flashdisk, mp4 player, three books, and an electronic dictionary. it was MAJOR cool. lol THANK GOD THANK GOD THANK GOD. :)

so... that's all about my tale of pmun. i reeeeeaally cherish this experience.
unpar, wait for me (maybe). :)

signing off for now. mwawchh. toodles! x)

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8.4.09 || 8:57:00 PM

Bali – Bali – Bali
It’s been a wild whileeeee since I last wrote here. LOL
Lots of stuffs have been goin in my life and it got reeeeaaally hectic.
So anyways…… here’s an extremely late update of my latest issues. LOL

First thing is…. I finally got to go to bali!! x) my first experience ever. LOL
I went there March 21-24, and had HEAPS of fun. x)

March 21st
We flew to bali by mandala airlines and got there just in time for lunch in golden palace.
Sadly, I got SICK – maag, no further question. LOL
So the rest of this first day just blew in blur cuz mostly I just slept.
This was due to my stupidity (as usual). Why??
Well, by the time I arrived at the airport, I took a pill of Promag.
But, since all I did ever since was throwing up, I thought that the pill must have been wasted and not effective – AT ALL. That’s why I drank ANOTHER one. Just before I threw up again.
And moronically, idiotically, pathetically, I thought that the pill must have been carried out again in my vomit. And THAT’S why I took ANOTHER one.
That was it – enough to got me all sleepy and light-headed. Aarrrrggh. LOL
But anyway, on this day,
I went to sukowati (and got robbed, seriously), bali bird park, and watched kecak dance.
We had dinner in angsa putih and finally got to our hotel – goodway, nusa dua.
I was in the same room with jeje. HUGE thanks to jeje (Jessica n.l.) n tasya onchee
who had been taking care of me along d day. LOL I’m such a loser.
Plus, to mrs.marcel n mrs.cicil who had insisted on carrying me see a doc.
*gubrak! Did I look dat sick, really?

March 22nd
THANK GOD. I got better today!! Yippeeee.. x)
Today we went to – oh, did I tell u d best part yet?? I was placed in the same bus with him! – pura kerambitan (it was really exciting! nyeheheh), tanah lot (bought HEAPS of souvenirs), jimbaran…
Another idiotic stuff happened to me (typically). I got carried away by a wave! *snort
Huh, come on. How stupid can I be?? LOL
So, my friends and I were playing on the beach in jimbaran. But unfortunately, quite a big wave came toward us and rolled adel in!
We were scattered and panicked, absolutely. But suddenly I heard adel’s voice, protesting why she had been left behind. WHILE we knew she was underwater. I got panicked and returned, but when I tried to help her, I fell down, along with nana.
The strange thing was adel said she never said anything since she was drowned, and no one heard her protest beside me. So, who said the words that had me going back to her?? Only heaven knows, perhaps. But anyway, it just really overwhelmed me, how God takes care of us. x)

March 23rd
We spent allllll day in waterbom, kuta. Nyeheheheh that was fun. x)
I hovered about with monik and tried everything! LOL except the highest ride, the Smashdown.
I especially enjoyed the boomerang, and had idiot-kinda-fun in the wave pool with monik, nyanya, jessi, gavin, davin, and dennis.
After waterbom, we all went to bali adventure mall (if I’m not mistaken) and joger. x) then we had dinner in bali plaza and returned to our hotel.

March 24th
Checked out from the hotel. Went to GWK. FELL in LURV with GWK. Omigod. It was aweeeesome. U’ve really got to see it. I lurv the scenery, I lurv the feel, I lurv everythin bout it!! x)
I took several photos there and one of those is reeeeaaally special (I wont tell u why though, LOL)
After GWK, we had lunch in golden palace (again, but without throwing up this time nyeheheheh) and flew back to Jakarta… x)

Yeahh I know I don’t tell u all the details but I just got so lazy to write them all. LOL just enough to give u a cover of my first experience in bali: got sick, got drowned, got fun, got crazy… COMPLETE. nyehehehehhehe

Wait for my other story, this time from bandung – just as exciting!! x)

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