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13.12.08 || 9:03:00 PM

okay. this is harder than i thought.
memories of him remain. life is playing some practical joke on me, i bet.

his name appears everywhere.
i saw it as trademarks, i saw it as a bakery name, i saw it on a car..
i saw it on movie credits.. people talkin bout him at school..

even there was a phone call asking for him!!

yeaa. u won't believe it.
i juz got home, suffering from an EFFING BLOODY day. bad mood, no doubt.
n my phone rang.
there was a voice, light n delightful voice, sayin:
"Can i speak to mr. m***** pls?"

n i was like.. dang! shoot, man. can't i even get some peace at home??

then my mom SHOULD tell me, of course. dat she met mr.tnt's mom at d market.
nice job, mom. very calming.

okay i'm getting mental. i probably suffer from a mental disorder.
am i mentally challenged??
yes. yes. yes. wow.

the point is, he keeps showing everywhere! RIGHT when i've decided to let go!!
what a mean, mean world we're living in. *sigh

n i juz knew dat he's coming to my school event a few days from now.
i was kinda hoping.. but i slapped myself n convinced myself dat i no longer care bout him.
who the hell he is to ruin my world?!


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9.12.08 || 3:14:00 PM


yep. i'm FINALLY letting go. x)
after all dis time, he's been making me crazy for him. he's been making me wanting - no, it's an understatement, needing - him.

good to let him go. good to know that i no longer care about him. about anyone that way. x)
at least for now. lol

uuurrrghh. i have to feel dis way. i have to let go.
i should. i have to. i must.

no matter what all d crappy quotations say:
"my mind told me to let go, but my heart won't let me"
"my head screams who cares about him, my heart screams i do"
"if u cant get someone outta ur head, maybe they're supposed to be there"

no matter what.
i'm letting go. THAT'S FINAL.

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4.12.08 || 7:50:00 PM

i hate it.
i juz keep running away. why would he be so F**KIN DIFFICULT??
juz so he knows he is SO NOT my anything. ure not like my boyfriend or whatever.
bear dat in mind n DEAL wid it.

now yosi juz told me dat she saw mr. tnt n bekicot's bro at d 21.
watching d twilight WHICH i also wanted to watch earlier. *sigh
but unfortunately.. my friends n i cancelled today.

gosh. it's an effing day.
i wanted tues to come fast (so i can practicing xmas carol wid my friends)
n weds (so i can finally hang out wid my girls).


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